Welcome to Dr Cockula's Lair!!!

Hiiii! I am Dr Cockula, your neighborhood hentai and doujinshi artist! Welcome to my website and art portfolio. I have A LOT of juicy pervy art for you to enjoy UwU;;

I have been doing art since I was a little kid, and it's my passion. I live in the US with my two kitties Pero & Pico.

My cats!!! They're so floofy :3

I draw all types of things! I have straight couples, solo girls, solo boys, yaoi, futas, tentacles, anything your imagination can come up with. If it's something that makes you blush, I probably already drew it lol!
I am pretty friendly and like talking to people, so if you ever want to chat, don't be shy! =^^=

At the left is the menu to my website. My portfolio has four categories, including SFW stuff and commissions. Go check it out!